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I have been struggling with a chaotic life for way too long. In that time the worst things to happen to me have been when I was unable to come through on a dead line or deliver work I knew I could have done better. I've pledged myself to do better in 2014 and better the year after. I have a number of things I will clear up. That's my personal goal.

It's so nice to have a place to get work done and plan things out. The cats are happy and I'm looking forward to getting some work out to show for Old Olde Sküül. I'll have some new art to show off!

Now for something else. I've removed some work lately. One was an illustration done by an old associate of mine in which I did the coloring. I no longer help this artist and haven't done work for him for ethical reasons. The unfortunate thing is one of his client saw the piece and assumed I could help him get the artwork he was owed from another project. I know how this artist works and his methods are reprehensible. He owes a lot of people money and a lot more people art. That's the big reason I don't help him any more. I'm not the person to go through if any of you have a problem with this him.
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rainbow010101 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014
best of luck for your year 2014 ^^ and hoping for blessings to come your way.
MyStarkey Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014
Thank you. That means a lot. Best of luck to you too. Keep making art.
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